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Product Applications

PVC Pipe System Applications


eeziflo PVC pipe and fittings are used in a wide range of different applications and diverse settings.

PVC Pipe Aquatics and Aquaculture

Aquatics and aquaculture

Our PVC pipe and fittings are ideal for tropical, marine and freshwater fish and aquaculture applications; including small domestic koi carp ponds, domestic aquariums, large visitor attraction aquariums, zoological attractions such as penguin pools and fish rearing in large scale aquaculture settings.


PVC Pipe Irrigation


eeziflo PVC pipe and fittings are effective for use in irrigation and the artificial application and movement of water to assist in the growing of crops, the maintenance of landscapes and the watering of grass lawns and sport pitches. eeziflo also stock PVC pipe and fittings products that are suitable for use in land drainage applications, such as for use in the underground drainage of fields and lawns. 


PVC Pipe Farming and Slurry

Farming and Slurry

Our range of u-PVC pipe and fittings are widely used in farming applications such as pig feed systems, poultry drinking water systems and animal slurry handling systems. 


 PVC Pipe Horticulture



We supply PVC pipe and fittings products that are ideal for use in horticulture watering systems for all different types of plants, flowers and fruits for use in various watering settings. This is ideal in large greenhouse and industrial glasshouse applications.

 PVC Pipe Swimming Pool and Spa


Leisure and Swimming Pool

We have many years of experience in supplying u-PVC pipe, fittings and valves for use in the wet leisure industry. u-PVC pipework is widely seen as the ideal system to use when working in this industry. It is used extensively on commercial and domestic swimming pools, hydrotherapy and wellness pools, temporary pool constructions, commercial spas, swimspas, whirlpool baths and hot tubs. 

 PVC Pipe Food and Brewery


Food, Brewing and Distillery

At eeziflo we supply a wide range of product suitable for use in food, beverage, brewing and distillery applications. Our products are WRAS approved, meaning they are safe for use in drinking water applications, for food and drinks production, and for waste water and effluent treatment works.

PVC Pipe Boating and Marine

Boating and Marine

Our PVC products are ideal for use in various boating and marine applications such as water treatment and reverse osmosis for drinking and waste water, cooling water, air conditioning systems, drainage and below waterline areas. It is also used for luxury yacht spas and effluent systems.