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Our PVC pipes and fittings are used in numerous tropical, freshwater fish and aquaculture applications. This is mainly due to the material’s incredible robustness and resistance to leakages and corrosion. Metric PVC products are most commonly used in aquatics settings with small diameter product favoured to suit the compact spaces required behind your typical tropical fish or coral tank; with tank connectors proving to be very popular in the aquatics sector. A Tank Connector is used to connect an aquatic pipework system together with external pipe work coming through this fitting into a fish tank – making them crucial to the development of any aquatic system.

When PVC Metric Pipe is used in marine-life applications these feature primarily for use as part of a hobby or pastime, like looking after fish or keeping a koi carp pond, with PVC often used in outdoor domestic ponds. Millions of people across the UK keep fish as pets or are enthusiasts for collecting marine life in all forms. Elements such as indoor fish tanks and tropical frog containers also require PVC pipe system products including fittings, valves as an essential part of their construction. PVC is always the material of choice in creating a marine tank and aquatic animal environment, this is because PVC is durable, comes in Metric small diameter sizes and is most important of call cost effective, which helps aquatic fanatics buy a bigger tank!

Non-domestic aquatics usage includes large public aquariums, such as The Deep located in the city of Hull. In this case, a selection of mid-sized metric diameter pipes, PVC Pipe Fittings, and valves are more suitable due to the larger amounts of water that have to be moved between a tank and filtering systems. However PVC is also used in many zoological settings for example to filter the water pool in a penguin enclosure. This is in order to accommodate larger fish and marine animals and to keep the larger tanks clean with clear water for the public to view whilst keeping the tanks and water hygienic safe for marine animals to live in.

In terms of aquaculture, this would involve very large diameter Metric PVC pipe, fittings and valves. Aquaculture settings are large, industrial facilities and are historically found offshore, however now we have started to see the development of much larger land based fish farming systems all across Europe.

Again, PVC is the choice product for the aquaculture industry due to durability of the material – where incredibly reliable parts are crucial for the integrity of massive aquaculture applications. Also, WRAS approved PVC is favoured in this setting to ensure safe use of PVC plastics around livestock in fish rearing facilities. We are very proud to have completed work with some of Europe’s largest aquaculture projects.


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