Our eezi Online PVC Pipe System Products

Here at eeziflo we are committed to providing superb PVC pipe system products through our eezi to use web shop, our product range, quality and price is unrivalled. We are constantly reviewing our practices, product offerings and competitors to ensure we are always abreast of the market and one of the industry’s primary leaders. By doing so, we can ensure we are consistently more competitive and provide the best value for money possible on the widest online range of pipe system products.

We hold high levels of stock for all of our products, from pipe fittings to valves, accessories and beyond. Our 45,000 square-foot warehouse allows us to store it all with ease and supply materials all over the UK. Below you’ll find some of the features that make us one of the best PVC pipe system providers on today’s market:

PVC Valves

Our selection of PVC Metric Valves and PVC Imperial Valves are made from the highest quality polymer material. From butterfly valves to standard union ball valves – we’ve got the lot! Our most premium product in this range is the Plain Standard Butterfly Valve EPDM Liner – perfect for larger diameter pipes. All of our PVC Valves are available for home delivery, no matter what the size.

PVC Fittings

Next, it’s onto the fittings! We offer a wide selection of plain, plain/threaded and threaded fittings here at eeziflo. From your standard plain cross to hexagonal nipples and everything in-between, we have all the fittings you need. Choose from a selection of PVC Imperial Fittings and PVC Metric Fittings. With the Imperial products, you have the option for just threaded as well as plain/threaded.

PVC Cement and Cleaner

Looking for PVC solvent cement and cleaner? We offer a range of different glues in our PVC Accessories items, including a selection of threaded joining tapes too. We also offer a range of accessories to complement the mentioned fittings above, including cable saws and chamfering equipment. You can choose from a range of backing rings, stub gaskets and hand cleaners on this page also!

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This is just a small snapshot of what we have to offer here at eeziflo-fittings. If you would like some more information, or if you have a customer service question, then just simply get in touch! We’d be more than happy to help with your enquiry or help find the product that best suits your needs. Give us a call on 0113 2359970 or us directly on

Our specialist team of PVC pipe system experts have years of experience in the trade and a knowledge bank ready to assist all of our customers.