PVC Pipe Cutting Tips

We are your online PVC pipe, fittings, valves and accessories experts here at eeziflo-fittings.com! As such we wanted to share some top tips for cutting lengths of PVC pipe with you.

PVC pipe can be cut using several different tools such as a ratchet cutter or mitre saw. However, these tools can be dangerous and can leave the edges of pipe unsmooth and rough.

The safest way to cut pipe is by using a cable saw, which is made of fine wire and allows pipe to be sawed quickly without the use of potentially dangerous machinery.

Simply place the cable on the pipe and move it back and forward in a sawing motion, the cable will curl and cut through the pipe.

Once you have cut through your length of pipe you can use a de-burring tool to neaten the edges of the pipe to allow for the best connection when solvent welded. 

To use the de-burring tool simply place the blade against the end of the pipe. Move the deburring tool along the pipe in a rotating movement until the edges are neat. 

Should you have any further PVC pipe cutting questions let us know! Our staff are PVC pipe system experts with years of experience in the industry, who are always available to give help and support to our customers regarding any PVC pipe cutting or product enquiries that you may have.

The majority of our products are WRAS approved and are safe for use with drinking water applications. Our products also have a high temperature range from 5°c to 60°c, with strong resistance to abrasion, chemical attack and corrosion.

You may also wish to see our website’s technical page, which contains a whole range of information that you may require when purchasing or installing PVC pipe systems. In addition to our PVC pipe cutting tips above, on our technical page we have detailed PVC assembly and jointing instructions to guide you through the entire process of fixing rigid PVC pipe systems together. Our guide shows step by step procedures for cleaning, gluing and joining PVC pipe by solvent weld as well as cement use guidelines and recommendations. We also list detailed PVC threaded fitting connection instructions and advice as well as imperial vs metric size comparisons, pressure ratings for our PVC pipe and fittings, wall thickness information, threaded fitting installations and support spacing information.   

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