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Farming and slurry is an important industrial area for us and we have ample experience of working in this sector. This area of application tends to include livestock farming, which is a very important industry here in the UK. PVC Metric Pipe, valves, and fittings are commonly used in buildings housing chickens or pigs. This is the most common form of livestock forming in this country. These products are used either to drain slurry from the building, or to bring drinking water into the building for the livestock. They can also be used in the chemical-dosing process before drinking water enters the property, in order to ensure it is safe to drink for the animals. Clean and safe drinking water will ultimately lead to healthier livestock and successful rearing.

Slurry is a semi-wet mixture, typically consisting of manure, cement, coal or water. Once it is drained from the building it is often kept within a slurry pit, slurry store or slurry tank. This is a robust structure that allows farmers to gather animal waste and combine it with other unusable organic matter, such as hay and water run-off. Over an extended period of time, this mixture can be converted into fertilizing material that can then be reused on land to fertilize crops. So, as you can see, PVC pipe products play a vital role in the farming industry.

As an example of this, here you will tend to find more Metric PVC being used, with our Standard Double Union Ball Valves required for the slurry and chemical dosing systems. The decomposition of this waste material produces deadly gases, so it is vitally important all materials used are able to withstand corrosion and any ill-effects caused by the release of such gases and substances. Farming and slurry applications are massively important for the safety and well-being of our animals, as well as our own food supply. We are extremely proud to be involved in this and to be supporting the UK farming industry.

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