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The leisure and swimming pool sector is one of the most important to eeziflo and PVC pipe systems are required in this sector for a range of different uses such as hot tubs, jacuzzies and spas, small domestic swimming pools to larger public ones and from water slides in wet leisure parks to outdoor water features and fountains seen around train stations and in city centres.

For leisure and swimming pool applications, most of our experience rests within these two elements – domestic pools and hot tubs. The reason why? Because PVC is incredibly cost-effective, yet it offers the exact same qualities many of the alternative material choices provide too, which make it the ideal material for hot tub and swimming pool installers around the UK.

In fact, PVC often supersedes alternative materials in performance characteristics that are a lot more expensive – so PVC plastic just makes sense as the material of choice! PVC pipe products are extremely hard-wearing, durable and resistant to water corrosion over extended periods of time. This is handy to know, considering these parts will most probably remain wet and be used at pressure throughout their working lifespan.

We also have vast experience working in commercial environments and fitting parts within public swimming pools and large leisure centres. We’ve also helped a lot of theme parks build some of your favourite rides – such as the log flume – with extensive pressure based water transport systems being put into place. We tend to get a lot of Metric pipe and for these applications and there tends to be quite a wide range of products used across our PVC Fittings, valves and pipework.

Our dedication to top-quality materials and excellent customer service means all of our leisure and swimming pool applications have been a complete success. We make it easy to trust our products by providing nothing but premium quality. You are guaranteed to find the product you are looking for here at eeziflo, and we are more than happy to advise on your application needs.


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